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Won Young Chang 

Won Young Chang (Republico korea, 1988)

Artist statement: I have been focusing on the idea of ruin. Everything is the ruin of previous existence. Creation is based on destruction like two sides of a coin. We create, ruining. I apply the consecutive process of destruction and construction to my arts practice. When I draw, I start with a specific scene from my memory and imagination. I draw the scene which contains the nuance of destruction. It can be an image of demolished buildings, abandoned sites or natural disasters. In the process of painting I imagine, crushing, blurring and exploding the scene. As I continue to draw, the light and shade are created, showing the instant, raw and genuine moment of my mind: like photos with flash on. The moment is captured and reconstructed by my marks. I use diverse range of materials including oil, acrylic, gouache and watercolour. Applying various kinds of paint at one time, I make chemical effect and collision. Paints flow and spread against figures, making the image partially abstract and confusing. After all, the surface becomes the remains filled with traces of the clash; mixed figures, colours, materials and genre.

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