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Vanessa Vaughan

Vanessa Vaughan (Canada, 1976)

Artist statement: I create ambiguous worlds, events and stories in an attempt to uncover a relationship between what is experienced and the realm of the unknown. I construct personal and collective mythologies to examine themes of psychological transformation and the absurd nature of reality. I am most interested in the in between, the fragments intersecting time and space – the awkward silence, the poorly timed dance, the uncanny form, the inappropriate laugh. The authenticity of these moments pushes towards a remaking of the self, through unexpected and yet undetermined ways. Using elements from sculpture, video and performance, the work straddles the line between thoughtful contemplation and absurdity. Humour for me, is a tool to shed light on uncomfortable, uncertain subjects and behaviours in very complex ways. At the core, I am fascinated with connecting with people from all walks of life and creating spaces and moments for real interactions and discussions to occur. This often happens by making myself vulnerable and allowing others to engage with me and/or my work in strange and amusing ways. It is precisely these intimate and obscure moments that reveal the complexities of our relationships that I find most profound.

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