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Kristin Sæterdal

Kristin Sæterdal (Norway, 1963)

Artist statement: I make tapestries with motifs inspired by sci-fi scenography and computer games. I am searching to express archetypical human situations and states of mind. Examples are explosions and control rooms. My works are commenting on Technology and if it can be trusted to save mankind. In my latest works I use found objects like computer monitors and airplane doors. I also make Commissions for public spaces and then I focus on the site and users of the place. The works are woven in tapestry technique. Putting thread by thread into the loom by hand. I dye the yarn myself, and the wool comes from an Old Norwegian type of Sheep. When I show my work in exhibition I often install them in different ways, and with dramatic lighting. I am interested in the relation between the very old weaving technique and the contemporary of the motif.

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