Óbvia Association was created in 2015 by locals who shared an interest in exploring an international cultural perspective in Setúbal. Although the team was aware of the local potential for human resources and inspiring surrounding areas to meet the purpose, there was still a lot to be done. The Óbvia international artist Residency was born by following in the footsteps of countries that embrace cultural commitment and use it as a tool to rediscover and rethink local context. It was designed to promote artistic and creative practices, encourage and develop the exchange/collaboration with national and foreign cultural entities.


It is important to mention Setúbal’s proximity to the main cultural center in the country, the capital city of Lisboa, which serves as an advantage for our association and for our resident artists. While experiencing a relaxed and genuine Portuguese lifestyle in Setúbal, artists if interested, can also look for some cultural resources available in Lisbon, only 40 minutes away.


The Óbvia Residency is situated in Setúbal, Portugal, a city with a population around 100.000 people. Because of its natural attributes, protected by hills and facing the river and sea, it’s history goes back to ancient times, and many examples of historical and cultural heritage can be found in artefacts, museums and monuments around the city.


The city’s heritage extends as well to the natural surroundings that present interesting features in terms of climate and natural light. Serra da Arrábida Park and Sado Estuarium River share a rich biodiversity of unique flora and fauna which provides contrast to the city´s industrial history during the 1970’s and 1980’s. With the diversity of the landscape, Setúbal offers a lot of elements and resources for artists to work and explore.

As a city facing the sea, the fishermen, their boats, the river and the sea are inseparable from the identity of Setúbal. Therefore, the Óbvia Residency, house and studio, is located in one of the typical old fishing neighborhoods.